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with Special Guest
Miko Sherman
Listen to the show "Freestyle"
Host: Bonny Valentine with Guest: Miko Sherman
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Working a job that you cannot stand?

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Listen to the show "Freestyle"
Host: Bonny Valentine with Guest: Dr. Cher
    Tamiko (Miko) Sherman is the Co-Chair of A.L.I.V.E Singles Ministry, under the
    leadership of Pastors Lee & Shonia Stokes of Destiny Christian Center in
    Greensboro, NC.

    Miko is also an aspiring Life Coach, specializing in relationships, work/life balance,
    as well as helping others develop in life transition.  She operates in the spirit of
    excellence and already sees the end of the vision for your situation.  This is an
    awesome show you would want to hear.  A Woman of God, walking into her Destiny
    and Divine Purpose.
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Dr. Cheryl Till
    Dr. Cheryl Till has a very diverse background.  Even though she has a Doctorate in
    Philosophy of Theology, and is an ordained minister.  Reverend Cheryl, just likes to go by
    the name Cher.

    She spent 27 years in the restaurant business, having run multi-million dollar restaurants
    with 100's of employees.  Cher has created training strategies for new restaurants and her
    knees, which lead her asked the question, "What is my purpose?"  While working long hours
    in the restaurant business she lost touch with who she was and why she wanted to be a
    Master Life Coach.  Cher realized people who were coaching were often not taking care of
    themselves.  Many of them had lost view of the bigger vision of who they really were.  

    Since then she has helped hundreds of people connect with their true self.  Her coaching
    style is direct, supportive, and fun.  When you work with Cher, you will experience many
    "aha" moments.  Her thirst for knowledge is ever increasing and she strives to be the best
    Master Coach she can be, by helping others be the best they can be.  Cher is currently
    pursuing a Master Coaching Level in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Consciousness
    Shifting, Hypnotherapy and Reiko.  She is also one of the founders of a new coaching
    community called Innovision Global, available soon for all coaches on the planet, through
    the Internet.
Website: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/innovision-global
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Gearing up for the Second Phase of
(Radio Show Case)
Interviewed By Tracy Brown

Bonny, Host and Executive Producer of Aspiring you Today (IT'S REAL TIME TALK)
and she is a Certified Professional Coach and a Powerful Motivator. Bonny's show on
Today, features the Importance of Purpose and that everybody has one. Bonny has
work experience in Mental Health, Pharmaceuticals, and the Medical field as well as
Volunteer Coaching and Minister. On this journey of life, Bonny has come to know the
importance of living out your dreams and being fully fulfilled instead of allowing fear to
dominate. Faith is the Key that unlocks doors. Use your faith........... Purpose exist and
there is a reason and meaning behind it all, but you will not know until you get in pursuit
of finding purpose.

Bonny at
www.everwinning.org ,…..you can befriend her on Facebook and connect
with her on LinkedIn.com. You can view bonny on fowlerwainwright.com .
Certified Life Coach /Speaker
and Executive Producer of

Aspiring You Today Internet
Radio Show

Darrick Green
Darrick is a former Assistant City Manager turned Management Consultant
specializing in Operational Analysis, Development and Marketing. A former, 4 sport
standout athlete at Portage Northern HS, in Michigan as well as a 2006 Hall of Fame
Inductee.   Darrick went on to Central Michigan University on a Wrestling
Scholarship. As a 2-time Academic All-American Team Captain, Most Outstanding
Wrestler and #10 ranked Heavy Weight Wrestler (HWT) he still holds several records
at both levels.

Over the past 20 years, Darrick has given back to the sport that gave him so much
by coaching dozens of Champion wrestlers throughout the nation, at virtually every
As bio’s go, not much of the above achievements is all that impressive, on their face
and at first glance doesn’t seem to translate into a compelling or motivating life
story. There in lies the rub, for Darrick Green is an African American born into a
low-income family, firmly rooted in the working poor mentality and lifestyle. As if
socio-economic hurdles were not enough to overcome, Darrick survived a childhood
beset by molestation and undiagnosed depression.
The journey that has lead Darrick to adopt a “failure is not an option” perspective
despite experiencing many of life’s tragic occurrences is the reason he published
his collection of poems. Moreover, his determination to shed light and generate
meaningful public dialogue on many of the generational ills that continue to plague
societies throughout the world is at the heart of his book: Bent, but not broken-Too

Bent, but not broken-Too Badly! is a 20 minute read that will likely change your
perspective on many issues that you thought you understood. It’s also a book that
will grab your heart strings and make you empathize with groups of people and
experiences in a manner you wouldn’t have previously imagined!!  

If you are looking for a book that will take you on a journey into the very soul, heart
mind, dreams and dashed hopes of a man determined to excel and overcome every
hurdle-then this is your read. The unexpected or unintended benefit of Darrick’s
writing style is that its truth’s resonates at a level that will lay open your heart and
soul and allow you to heal many emotional wounds you’ve been carrying for far too
    Bonny Valentine, is the Creator, Executive Producer, and Host of Aspiring You Today
    Internet Radio Show.  Her shout is for all men and women, to get ready, and geared up for a
    concrete and better way to move forward in life.  By bringing you inspired professionals, best-
    selling authors, coaches, and a host of others to inspire you to go after you dreams.

    2014 is not the time to wait, but to move forward.  Now is the time to tune in and listen to
    shows that will change you and your life forever.  Bonny truly has a heart for men and women
    whom are between the ages of 13-40's, seeking to pursue their purpose, no matter the
    situation.  What is impossible with man, is possible with God! (Luke 18:27 - Holy Bible)
Aspiring You Today

Author of "
Bent,but not
broken- Too badly"  
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Darrick Green:

2015 New and Inspiring Shows
Dr. Nicole S. Corry
Dr. Nicole Sherrill-Corry is a dynamic, compassionate, and engaging professional who helps her audience through
envisioning their change. She is an agent for change assisting women to embrace their unique qualities and birthing their
dreams. Dr. Nicole’s client base range from up and coming entrepreneurs to high level business executives who are
seeking new and creative methods to escalate their businesses.

Dr. Nicole hosts a variety of workshops on topics relating to empowerment, change, and success. She is dedicated to
developing PowerWomen who walk into their destiny by fulfilling their dream(s).
Dr. Nicole is also an advocate against domestic violence. She holds roundtable discussions to educate on the importance
of knowing how this crippling issue impacts society. Once a victim but now a survivor, she teaches about the impact of
domestic violence not only on the individual level but a societal one. She states, “DV affects everyone, and it is important
as a whole to address the issues in order to combat it”.
Dr. Nicole is the creator of Women Embracing Excellence (WEE).  WEE is a medium for professional and women's business
owners. The goal is to build PowerWomen who embrace their space. Whether that be deciding which turn to take, or
procrastinating on that dream, WEE are here to help facilitate that move into fulfilling the dream. WEE are comprised of
women business owners who had challenges in our lives to get where we are today. Sharing our experiences and stories
with others by way of empowerment will build more PowerWomen.
Dr. Nicole’s motto is “be the change you want to see in others”.
Dr. Nicole holds a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from Livingstone College, a master’s in Criminal Justice and Doctorate in
Counseling Studies from Capella University. She has extensive experience in Mental Health and Substance Abuse as a
mental health clinician. In addition, she is an educator who challenges her students to reach their mark of success daily.